Hendricks 4-H Dog Club Obedience
The link below shows what exercies are done in each class:
The link below describes the judge's command, the handler's command, and the action procedure for each exercise of obedience:

What to wear in Obedience:

  • Nice pants or shorts with no holes
  • Nice shirt (plain) , such as a polo or the dog club t-shirt. Shirts cannot have any advertisements on them (no shirts with big letters/logos). If you have any questions, please ask!

What NOT to wear: 

  • No sandals!!! You must wear tennis shoes.
  • Girls: shirts that are low cut, shirts that show your belly, and shorts that are too short will NOT be tolerated. Dressing like this is very inappropriate.  

Helpful Links:

Below is the 4-H Dog Obedience Guide. Most of your questions can be answered from this guide. It contains Rules, score sheet penalties, classes offered, a breakdown of all of the exercises and much more useful information on 4-H Dog Obedience.