Workshops/Classes: (sign up for text reminders for last min changes)

Workshops are on Monday Evenings starting at 6 pm at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds

All classes are at our outside training area starting in May – parking – do not block any of the buildings – stay in the designated parking areas not on the cement or grass areas. Check in at the NSSB Arena.

May 8th – New Members (1A & 1B) – Obedience/Showmanship/Agility

May 15th – Returning Members (2A & UP) – Obedience/Showmanship/Agility – Drill Team meeting

May 22nd – New Members (1A &1B) – Obedience/Showmanship/Agility

May 29th – NO CLASSES – Holiday

June 5th - Returning Members (2A & UP) – Obedience/Showmanship/Agility – Drill Team meeting – County Fair Registration is available

June 12th – New Members (1A & 1B) – Obedience/Showmanship/Agility – County Fair Reg. is available

June 19th – Returning Members (2A & up) – Obedience/Showmanship/Agility – Drill Team Meeting

June 26th – New Members (1A & 1B) – Obedience/Showmanship/Agility – may be last agility class

July 3rd – NO CLASSES – Holiday

July 10th – All Member run through

July 14th – Fair set up 5 – 8:30

July 15th – County Fair

Members going to the State Fair need to watch for training schedule

August 18th – State Fair Set up – They need all the help they can get. Since we are a close County we try to get as many people as we can get to help.

State Fair Dog Show - August 19th – 20th

2022 Hendricks County Happy Heelers Tentative Training Calendar